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Model: PLD-6018E+  /  PLD-6018F+

Thermal Jade Massage Bed/Therapy Jade Massage Bed/Home Massage Bed

jade massage bed

PLD-6018E+ :

Therapy Jade Bed


jade massage bed

1) LCD color screen remote control.
2) Back electric lift.
3) The back interior has 6 jades physical therapies wheel.
4) backs interior have the carbon remote infrared ray to sendthe hot plate.
5) grasps physical therapy (13 jade balls +5 jade balls).
6) legs department ochre heat up.
7) each bed matches a belt assistance to heat up the pad.
8) legs department automatic massages, thermotherapy.
9) assembly magnetism therapy function.
10) Relied on five or six running jade massage traverse. carbon Vega heat.

Pcs/Carton 1pcs/2ctns
Unit Packing size 126*63*24cm
N. W. 90kg.
G. W. 100kg.
1x20'Container 72pcs
1x40'Container 172pcs

Internal Projector & Far-Infrared

 Adjustable Internal Projector is designed to deliver maximum benefit to the user by adjusting to different types of weights of the user. The jade roller tilts either diagonally or horizontally to ensure the safety and the maximum comfort of the user. The Internal Projector moves smoothly along the spinal contour while providing Acupressure, hand massage, and moxibustion to the spine and nearby Meridians, muscles and ligaments.

   The Head Roller was designed specifically to focus on neck and head area which can be the reason for discomfort, the Head Roller was designed not to exceed maximum temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit for safety of the user.

   The far-infrared is controllable, keep fit for the back part and supply the thermal heating treatment.

Auto Electric Height Control


  The Product Frame can be auto adjusted to inclination angles from 0-45 degrees to suit your physical condition, body characteristics or depending on which part of the body you use the product for. It is the latest feature of the massage bed.

LCD Muti-Function Color Remote Control

  Easy button operation allows convenient selection of desired functions. LCD Color panel is more popular. With functions: Back Automatic, Back Manual, Back Angle Adjustment, Infrared, Back Projector, Handheld Projector, Temperature Adjustment, Leg Automatic(PLD-6018F+), Leg Manual(PLD-6018F+).

Crbon fiber heated board

Five-Ball and Eleven-Ball External Projector


The Five-Ball and Eleven-Ball Projector comes with ergonomic design features that minimize heat and Far-Infrared Ray loss, and may be conveniently used on any part of human body.

The Five-Ball Projector designed specifically to be applied on parts of the body those are not reachable by the main unit, the 5 Ball External Projector is an attachment which can be applied safely for same benefits. This attachment can also be an effective tool against numerous gynecological ailments by applying directly to the affected area.

The Eleven-Ball Projector is for the stomach and back area. 11 Ball Projector applies effectively to wide areas while 5 Ball Projector applies to the areas not reachable by the main unit. So users can enjoy this with improved flexibility and vasitility.
Magnetism Piece
The black magnetism piece is good for the spondyle, especially to the old people.
Tourmanium Ceramic Heater Mat ( PLD-6018E+)
This feature is at the leg part and only with the model: PLD-6018E+.
This special, auxiliary mat of Tourmanium Ceramic composition is used for enhanced heat treatment as well as for the benefits of healthful Far-Infrared Ray generation.

Jade Projector of the Leg Part (PLD-6018F+)

This feature is at the leg part and only with the model: PLD-6018F+.
Adjustable 4 group Jade Internal Projector like the back part’s effect.
Download The Manual for the Specification.
When the jade stones are heated and applied on 15 basic acupressure points, the jade thermal heating massager emits far-infrared heat that penetrates deep into your body as much as 3 inches below the skin. Deep penetrating, far-infrared heat excite molecules to increase their energy. Increased energy excite body cells. These excited cells gives rise to the various benefits. 
This handheld jade projector gives various types of benefits like relief in chronic pains, increased blood circulation, reduces stress, toxins removal & an increase in the immunity of our body. Far infrared heat reduces stress by loosening the muscles & relaxing the complete body. Increasing body immunity also makes our body capable of fighting with various types of diseases also.
This projector is fully compatible & somewhat more advanced than ceragem P390 model. We are also selling some modern automatic jade massagers which covers the full body with its rolling acupressure effect due to which they are also called Full Body Jade Automatic Jade Massage Bed . Now, let's have a look at  the basic 15 acupressure points which shall be given for 2-3 minutes each while using these jade therapyb massagers



 thermal jade massage bed

therapy jade massage bed



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